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Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Christmas Leftovers are inevitable, so here’s some recipes to get the best out of yours…


It happens every year, we get eyes bigger than our bellies and end up with enough Christmas leftovers to keep us going for a good few days. If you’re tired of the same old turkey sandwiches, bubble and squeak and cold meat, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve dug through the Eversfield Organic recipe hub to find the best Christmas leftovers recipes for your organic meat.


Organic Turkey

If you opted for an organic turkey this Christmas, why not try our Turkey Biryani recipe? Briyani is a South Asian mixed rice dish, packed full of flavour with spices and fresh, organic vegetables. Best when made with basmati rice, creamy organic yoghurt and rich tomatoes. The addition of our organic turkey perfectly complements this biryani recipe, with traditional, delicate taste and a second-to-none texture.


Read the recipe here.


Organic Duck

If Christmas duck was your choice, you could give our Sticky Grapefruit & Honey Duck Wings recipe a go. A lovely blend of sharp, tart grapefruit and sweet, sticky honey makes for a duck recipe that is utterly moreish. Serve with your choice of organic vegetables and any leftover crispy potatoes.


Read the recipe here.


organic duck wings recipe


Organic Beef

If you find yourself with leftover organic beef this Christmas, take inspiration from chef Sanjay Parmar and try his Birria Beef Chuck Tacos. Step away from a classic English Christmas into a world of South America. This leftover beef recipe combines flavoursome chillies, a handful of spices, gooey, oozing cheese and organic tomatoes to create a taste sensation.


Read the recipe here.


Organic Chicken

The perfect way to make use of any leftover Christmas chicken is to try our organic Chicken Bone Broth recipe. This chicken recipe is a great way to make the most of your whole organic chicken, bones and all. Best of all, this bone broth is nutritious and immune-boosting, plus simple and cost-effective to make.


Read the recipe here.


Organic Ham

Got organic Ham leftovers? Nothing beats a good ham sandwich, so why not try our The Best Ham Sandwiches recipes? Fresh, organic bread filled with organically reared, free range honey roast ham. Our ham has a gentle, sweet flavour for a deliciously tender ham sandwich. Choose from our recommendations of Smoked Ham, Brie and Apple Sandwich, Ham & Egg Open Sandwich or Croque Monsieur Croissant.


Read the recipe here.


organic ham from eversfield organic, best ham sandwiches


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