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Introducing the Eversfield Organic Family

Your local organic family farm with grocery delivery.

Ellacott farm is found in the village of Bratton Clovelly in Devon nestled on the edge of Dartmoor. After acquiring the farm, Mark set to work in 2002 with the help of his family to nurture the land back to health after years of intensive farming. His aim? To provide his family with the finest quality food, produced honestly and naturally with animal welfare at its heart. Two back breaking years later; after planting over 30,000 trees, reinstating miles of hedgerows and laying fencing, the farm was granted organic status. Over time, natural flora has begun to flourish, and wildlife has returned to the area, with bees, birds, and deer being regularly sighted.

 The Eversfield Organic Family 

Working with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, Mark began rearing his own herd of native Aberdeen Angus cattle fed on a 100% pasture diet. This means the animals feed on grasses and wildflower alone, never grain. They are free to roam and graze on our acres of organic farmland in Devon.


Heritage Breed Aberdeen Angus Organic Farm Devon


Eversfield Organic began by offering fresh, Soil Association organic certified meat for delivery to people’s homes, from our own grass-fed organic beef along with organic lamb, pork, poultry, and wild game. Now our range covers everything you need for your weekly household grocery shop including organic fruit, vegetables, dairy, charcuterie, larder produce, vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives, and wild fish.

We choose to work with local producers whenever possible because this creates a multitude of positive offshoots, from lowering food miles to stimulating community growth.

Our small family farm delivers produce nationwide but we prioritise free delivery to local postcodes in our own refrigerated vans, enabling the freshest delivery available direct to your door.