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Our Butchery

Traditionally trained butchers, butchering to order.

Based here on our organic farm, our butchery is looked after by our long-standing Head Butcher, Scott and his team of traditionally trained chaps who ensure our organic meat is treated with care, respect and passion to produce an excellent cut by hand.


Organic butchery at Eversfield Organic


Our organic meat arrives at the farm from small, family-run abattoirs, local to the farm on which the animals were raised to minimise the stress of live travel time.

Our butchers carefully prepare the organic beef and lamb for dry aging while organic pork and poultry goes straight into our butchery. We only ever butcher to order – our meat never sits in plastic packaging as we only cut a product from its primal once it has been ordered by a customer.


organic grass fed meat from eversfield organic family farm


Our freshly cut organic steaks, roasting joints, mince, sausages and more are all butchered, prepared and packed within 48 hours. Way fresher and finer than any supermarket meat.


organic grass fed beef steak from organic ethical butchers


Our creative butchery brains are always working on new ways to make our organic meat easier to cook for you at home, developing delicious new sausage flavours, options for kids and easy carving joints.

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