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Home-baked Brilliance

Home-baked Brilliance

There’s nothing quite like a home baked loaf or cake, fresh out of the oven.

Watching it rise and become golden brown in the heat, turning it out of the tin and waiting for what seems like forever for that first taste of your very own creation. We are now stocking a range of organic flours and baking ingredients from the wonderful Doves Farm, who sowed their first seeds in 1977. You can now add flours, yeast, cornflour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda to your box and get baking in the comfort of your kitchen!

A quick recipe for fresh flatbreads…

200g self-raising flour
100ml lukewarm water
A drizzle of olive oil
½ tsp salt
This is a super speedy bread to make. No proving and no baking! You can add a tablespoon of natural yoghurt to add some flavour if you wish, or turmeric to go with curries, even some fresh herbs to go with Mediterranean dishes like Mr Organic’s Spanish Beans. Serve hot and soft so you can scoop up your salads, slaws and sauces, real finger food! This recipe will make about 4 flatbreads.Simply combine all your ingredients and knead for at least 5 minutes. Roll and cut in half then in half again. Squidge them out with your hands and plenty of flour to avoid sticking so they are about the thickness of a pound coin. Try not to use a rolling pin so it’s uneven which will create crispy bubbles! Dry fry on a high heat until you have black or brown patches on both sides.

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