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Kitchen Garden Condiments

Kitchen Garden Condiments

Jam Packed

From our friends over at Kitchen Garden, these organic pots of loveliness are handmade in traditional open pans for natural sauces jam-packed with flavour.
The range includes jam, chutney for cheese, sauces for meat and mustard.

Your turkey isn’t complete without…

Organic Cranberry Sauce 

Made in small batches with plump whole cranberries.
Not only turkey’s best pal, this thick sauce is delicious with baked organic brie and crusty organic bread.

Your toast needs…

Organic Seville Orange Marmalade

This tangy, bittersweet marmalade has a lovely coarse cut bite.
Perfect slathered over hot buttered toast, or even rolled into a festive yule log for a tart take on the classic chocolate cake.

Your cheeseboard will love…

Organic Plum & Cranberry Chutney

Made using the traditional open pan method, this rich and aromatic chutney is packed with fruits.
Delicious with duck, turkey and goose, but never better than with a creamy, vibrant cheese selection.

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