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We're proud to work with local and artisan producers

We choose to work with local producers where possible because this creates a multitude of positive offshoots, from lowering food miles to stimulating community growth.

Atlantic Brewery at Eversfield Organic
Atlantic Brewery -  just a few miles from the gorgeous North coast of Cornwall on the Atlantic Ocean, this organic brewery operates from an 18th century farmhouse, offering organic bottled beers and cask ales. Established in 2005, the company managed to turn a half barrel pilot brew into a fully certified organic, award-winning microbrewery on the 2.5-acre Treisaac Farm, Newquay. All natural ingredients and techniques using local ingredients and eco-friendly practices, including solar panels, composted grain and glass and paper use over plastic, make this brewery the perfect choice for the environmental-conscious beer lovers of the world. 
Baker Tom's logo organic bread freshly baked bread delivery
Baker Tom’s – from his mother’s kitchen to five shops, two cafes and an abundance of busy delivery vans, Tom Hazzledine’s Baker Tom’s has become Devon and Cornwall’s go-to for award-winning, hand-baked organic goods. Tom’s adventure began when he stepped in for an absent baker at a local farm shop and is continuing 14 years later with a production unit in Pool supplying businesses across farm shops, independent retailers, restaurants, cafes and food box schemes like those offered at Eversfield Organic. Baker Tom’s has expanded to include various organic loaves, speciality breads, seasonal specials (check out their luxury Christmas pudding), cakes and pastries.
Bath Soft Cheese Co logo organic cheese grocery delivery uk

Bath Soft Cheese co. - Park Farm in Kelston is home to the award-winning Bath Soft Cheese Co. and the happy dairy herd for three generations, with the cheese room just a few hundred yards from the grazing cows. The original Bath Cheese recipe dictates that it must be made with full cream milk, that salt be sprinkled on the young cheeses with the aid of a feather, and that the cheese was soft and covered with white mould. Today’s Bath Soft Cheese frequently wins awards and is enjoyed by cheese lovers across the country. The Bath Soft Cheese Co. proudly live by the old farming saying, “Look after your cows and your cows will look after you.”

beeswax wrap co logo

The Beeswax Wraps Co. – this independent, female-led company offer reusable food wraps, bags and packaging made from locally sourced, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified British beeswax from workshops in the Cotswolds. Big on a sense of community, the company was born in the kitchens of its founders in 2017 with the aim to cut plastic using their top-secret wax blend. Ordering their cotton from a sustainable family-run business in India and organic Jojoba oil from America, the use of organic dyes and high-quality materials produce flexible, soft and most importantly reusable wraps. What’s more, they now offer vegan alternatives made from berry and sunflower wax.

Brown cow organics logo unpasteurised yoghurt

Brown Cow Organic – Guernsey cows on Perridge Farm, Somerset produce creamy milk with a full flavour, rich in A2 beta casein proteins. This organic Guernsey whole milk undergoes an artisan process to create a deliciously thick, velvety yoghurt that is free from emulsifiers, stabilisers or thickeners. Brown Cow Organic yogurts are lightly pasteurised but never homogenised – only organic production methods are used here. Mob grazing over the 450-acre farm allows for the upmost animal welfare, as well as enhancing the environment and bettering the climate. The cows are also 100% grass-fed organic.

Clearspring logo organic food delivery box uk

Clearspring – a family-owned organic fine food and authentic Japanese speciality business for over 25 years. Their award-winning directory began with Japanese Miso Soup to now over 260 products that support organic farmers and artisan food producers with sustainable agriculture in mind. Their “food for future generations” promotes a plant-based diet with no artificial additives or refined sugars. The story began when Christopher, the head of the family, started to question the sustainability and organic nature of agriculture whilst studying Law in New Zealand to now advocating authentic recipes and traditional, environmentally friendly approaches. 

coco loco logo organic chocolate delivery uk

Cocoa Loco – Since its inception in 2005, Cocoa Loco have been the proud creators of ethical and organic artisan chocolate. Soil Association and Fairtrade certified, the company endorse fairly paid cocoa farmers and working with nature, not against it, believing this ensures produce of the highest possible quality. The award-winning chocolate, free from preservatives or artificial ingredients, is handmade in the aptly named Chocolate Barn in West Sussex, exploring various flavours and recipes but never forgetting the power of traditional chocolate.

Cornish Sea Salt logo organic salt

Cornish Sea Salt - The original founder, Tony Fraser, came across an Iron Age salt works in a remote cove on the south coast of Cornwall while out walking. Why had such an essential element of the county’s farming and pilchard industry died out? Because rock salt had become an easier way of harvesting the mineral. Beneath the beauty is a totally unique geographical environment, which defines the taste and high mineral content of their sea salt. Serpentine and gabbro are both rich in magnesium and calcium, two of the key minerals in the sea salt and essential to life on earth. From humble beginnings on the south Cornish coast, the sea salt has now become international selling in over 33 different countries.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton logo organic cheese delivery

Cropwell Bishop - The mouth-wateringly good Stilton from Cropwell Bishop is produced at Robin and Ben Skailes’ family creamery in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, which has been in the family for more than three generations. Using traditional methods passed down by their grandfather, Robin and Ben, along with their fathers, David and Ian, continue to produce award-winning stilton of the very finest quality. They recommend pairing with port or sherry, as well as honey or chutney.

Doves Farm logo organic groceries uk

Doves Farm - It started with a passion, as all good things do. Clare and Michael Marriage transformed their fascination with whole grains and organic farming into reality when they sowed their first seeds in 1977. Water, wind, soil and sun sustained their precious crop. A year later their first grains were ready to harvest. With grinding equipment installed they were ready to mill. Despite the uniform, processed sliced bread of the norm, people began to cotton on to the brilliance of traditional organic flour. The journey to bring bread baking back to home kitchens began.

Giol logo Organic prosecco and wine delivery uk

Giol – The Giol family estate sits on one of the oldest wineries in Italy, producing wine since 1472. The estate, San Polo di Piave, comes with its own castle, winery, miles and miles of woodland and of course a massive 25 hectares of vineyards. The family have been farming the land to organic standards since 1986 and are now fully certified organic. Ethical practices and an environmentally friendly approach are at the heart of the business, producing award-winning wine of the highest quality.

Godminster logo organic vintage cheese uk delivery

Godminster - Godminster Farm is set on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Bruton in the heart of Somerset. With 1300 acres of beautiful landscape, the farm not only homes 280 organic dairy cows, but also a wealth of buzzing orchards filled with a variety of fruits and native herbs which are used as inspiration for many Godminster products. The Godminster cows enjoy a simple and wholesome life and as a result produce creamy, flavoursome milk. Life at Godminster is governed by a healthy respect for tradition and an enterprising spirit of innovation.

Greens of Glastonbury logo organic cheese uk

Greens of Glastonbury - The Green family have been traditionally producing cheese for four generations on the Somerset levels, in the small village of West Pennard, within sight of the legendary Glastonbury Tor. Richard Green, a fourth-generation cheesemaker, and family have been on the same site since 1920! The organic, rich and full-bodied nature of their cheeses is thanks to the delicious milk used from a local herd of organic cows.

High weald dairy logo organic cheese uk

High Weald Dairy – an award-winning family of cheesemakers on their farm in Sussex use organic cow, sheep and goats milk to produce an array of wonderful cheeses with no artificial ingredients or processes. Across the 270-acre Tremains farm in Horsted Keynes roam a flock of British Friesland sheep and organic dairy cows who create a variety of 15 cheeses, from Sussex Slipcote soft cheeses to the namesake Organic Duddleswell cheddar, since 1980. All their cheeses are suitable for veggies too, as they only use vegetable rennet.

Ivy House Dairy logo

Ivy House Farm – Ivy House are the brilliant producers of our milk and creams, as well as providing their own brand butter. Diversifying from a small herd of Friesian cows to over 100 Jersey cows, Geoff and Kim Bowles supply organic milk to customers all across from South West from the small village of Beckington in Somerset. Milk from the cows is filtered and taken straight to the creamery and separated into clotted, double, single, whipping or pouring cream. The grass-fed cow milk-turned-cream that is not potted is then churned into butter.

Island Bakery logo Organic Biscuits

Island Bakery - Started by Joe and Dawn Reade in 1994 as fresh-faced graduates, the Island Bakery in Tobermory was opened to keep the locals stocked in freshly baked bread. They soon turned their hand to organic biscuits, where they discovered their talents truly shone. In fact, they were so good they travelled far beyond Mull and as far as our farm here in Devon. All about quality and not quantity, Joe and Dawn's biscuits are sublime.

Kombucha Kat logo organic kombucha

Kombucha Kat - At Kombucha Kat, they believe that a good can of kombucha tea is hard to find. That’s why they started making their own – raw, organic, healthy, amazingly-tasty and packed with probiotics to help heal your gut is the type of drinks they sell with great pride. Kombucha Kat was born in 2016 in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds with a dream to bring this fermented soft drink to the masses for everyone to enjoy. They truly believe that taking care of Mother Nature is everyone’s duty, using certified organic and plant-based ingredients and completely renewable energy for their brewery. They also pack their goodies in cans that can be completely recycled.

Kitchen Garden Foods logo organic jam and preserves

Kitchen Garden - Kitchen Garden’s organic condiments are top-award-winners in the Organic Food Awards, their jams and preserves are one of a kind. Made from top quality seasonal fruits, these are a breakfast must have. Their delicious range of organic condiments include jams, chutneys, wholegrain mustard and many more traditional jarred goodies. Perfect for thick, crunchy toast or fresh cream teas.

Little Freddie Logo organic baby food

Little Freddie - Little Freddie's aim is to take your child on a food journey - a nourishing, organic and tasty journey that will set them up to be food confident for life. The multi-award-winning range ensures your baby has a delicious and nutritious introduction to solids. All the recipes are developed by parents alongside a paediatric nutritionist, to ensure every mouthful is full of goodness. With nothing added, no sugars, preservatives or salt, the food is only organic, nutritious and delicious. They also want their products to be as good for the planet as they are for babies. Constantly working to be the most sustainable baby and toddler food brand: from launching the UK’s first pouch recycling scheme to supporting parents through the weaning journey. It’s all part of their Big Green Plan.

Lye Cross Farm logo organic cheese makers

Lye Cross Farm - Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Lye Cross Farm has 4,300 acres of beautiful pastureland. The Alvis family’s multi-award-winning cheeses each have a distinctive personality and are made even more delicious by the fact that they use environment-conscious farming methods and produce organic cheeses alongside their infamous PFLA certified, organic sharp cheddar.

Matthew Stevens logo wild, sustainable fish

Matthew Stevens – award-winning fish from St. Ives, Cornwall. Five generations of fishermen endorse strong family values and sustainable fishing since 1960. An important asset to the local communities and Cornish economy, Matthew Stevens fishermen are conscious of their impact on wild stock as well as encouraging the benefits of fresh fish and traceability. Their positive and responsible environmental impact have earned the company the coveted position of supplier to both Rick Stein’s and Jamie Oliver’s establishments in Cornwall.

Mr Organic logo organic grocery delivery uk

Mr Organic - Mr Organic was created by three friends, Valerio, Kostas and Carlo in 2009. These guys had a vision of a positive approach to every stage of food production and beyond. For them, organic didn't just mean food free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, but also a way of life - with respect and care for the nature and everyone involved in making the wholesome, yummy food. Their story goes back three generations to Valerio's grandfather who started producing tomatoes in Italy. This family business was then converted to a fully organic production and now works closely with other local farmers to harvest their own organic tomatoes for their award-winning products.

Ossa logo organic bone broth grass-fed meat

Ossa - Ossa Organic is the creation of Catherine and Michael Farrant, who wanted to share the principles of nutrition and natural process with others. They believe in the power of natural foods, that are organic wherever possible and of the highest quality. Catherine discovered bone broth during her first pregnancy in 2012, noticing the high difference it made to their lives and health. From here, it began to play a big part in their day to day family routine. Ossa’s range is made with only the highest quality bones, filtered water and organic vegetables using a slow traditional cooking method which can extract nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. The Bone Broth contains no additives or MSG, is cooked in stainless steel pots to prevent leaching, and the pouches are BPA free.

Owen's Coffee Logo organic coffee Owen's Coffee - Our delicious artisan coffee comes from husband and wife team, Tim and Lorraine Bridden who create their unique blends not far from our farm in Ivybridge, Devon. Profiled, blended and roasted in-house, the duo work tirelessly to create top quality, fresh and aromatic blends. Using 100% organic and fair trade beans, Owen’s is not only sustainable but also traceable from seed to cup. Lorraine and Tim are always looking for ways to keep things green. Not only do they use compostable cups but the hessian green bean sacks are sent on to Dartmoor Zoo for use with the big cats’ enclosures!
Pimhill Farm organic groceries uk delivery

 Pimhill Organic - Pimhill is a beautiful, family-run, organic farm and home to a herd of 260 dairy cows as well as wheat and oats, plus a working mill! Pimhill Farm is run by Ginny Mayall and her husband Ian Anderson with their small team. The farm is situated on land first bought by the Lee family in 1196. The Lee family motto was, 'Always Mindful of the Future' which Ginny and Ian think is just as fitting a motto for the farm today.

Precious Pea Logo organic houmous

The Precious Pea – a small team with mixed experiences were brought together by the ethos of “good people, doing good things, makes good business.” Their organic houmous is hand made in small batches using organic ingredients only. The team, based on Tunley Farm in Bath, only create their delicious houmous three times a week, leaving four whole days for taste testing. The finest extra virgin olive oil used in six different flavours have aided the company in gaining awards for their produce.

Pyman's Pate Logo organic pates

Pyman’s Pate – after graduating from Plymouth Catering College, Thomas Pyman settled down the road from Eversfield Organic and started producing organic pates from the finest chicken livers, adding various flavours. His pates are all handmade with no additives or artificial flavourings or colourings, ensuring 60% content with no bulking from other ingredients. Furthermore, Pyman’s award-winning Pates are from free-range chickens and gluten free, supplying the West country and beyond with locally sourced ingredients from Devon and Cornwall.

Real Olive co. logo organic olives

Real Olive co. - When it comes to olives, these guys are the only people you need to know about. Based in Bristol, Karin Andersson and Ben Flight have been establishing a network of organic growers around the Mediterranean coast (Greece, Italy, France, Morocco and Spain) since 1998. You can enjoy their succulent olives safe in the knowledge that they are full of pure, natural goodness. Better yet, the sun kissed groves in which these olives grow remain a haven for wildflowers, insects and birds, as they have been for centuries.

Roam & Relish Logo organic British charcuterie uk delivery

Roam & Relish – our premium own brand Roam & Relish offer British charcuterie to rival that from Europe. We are passionate about animal welfare, our land and the environment, concentrating on healthy soil and tasty grass and clovers for our organic cattle and ensuring pigs from surrounding organic farms are bred and reared outdoors. All the Roam & Relish meat is sourced from the South West and traceable right back to the exact animal it was cut from.

Rude Health Logo organic, vegan milk uk

Rude Health - Rude Health began mixing mueslis at their breakfast table in 2005. They are a family-owned company, busy making breakfast cereals, dairy-free drinks and snacks, and they still create everything the same way. They only use the kinds of ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen - nothing artificial, nothing refined. They source ingredients from fields, orchards and vines - not laboratories. The proof is in the taste.

Seed & Bean Logo Organic, Fairtrade chocolate

Seed & Bean – Founded in 2005, Seed & Bean are the first artisan UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging, pioneering ethical confectionary and sitting at the forefront of the zero plastic, zero waste movement. Their 22 English Botanically inspired wild flavours are 100 % organic in partnership with the Soil Association. The company use fair trade ingredients from small scale suppliers where possible, are ethically sourced and handmade in England. What’s more, all of their dark chocolate selections are vegan friendly.

Sole of Discretion Logo wild, sustainable fish

Sole of Discretion – the Sole of Discretion is a collection of small-scale fishers from the beautiful Plymouth harbourside, just a short drive from our farm. They focus on providing premium quality, ethical and sustainable fish with the environment in mind. All the fish and shellfish are caught with little damage to the surrounding marine environment, directly contributing to the livelihood of the small-scale fishermen and communities. A mix of rod, line, static gill, trammel nets and mid-water trawl fishing methods ensure the seabed is not impacted. The marine environment is also protected by low horse-power engines and habitat-mapping. The traceability of the fish is enhanced by the name of the fisherman and their boat on the packaging, which also adds a personal touch to each order.

Steenbergs logo organic herbs and spices

Steenbergs - Steenbergs' herbs, spices and teas are ethically sourced - fair trade, organic and environmentally sound - Steenbergs is carbon neutral. A family-run and very friendly firm, committed to organic, Fairtrade, the environment and people. It was set up in 2003 by Axel and Sophie Steenberg in North Yorkshire. They have moved three times since set up and are now in a purpose-built, eco-friendly factory, just 200 yards from where they started! At the forefront of Fairtrade spices in the UK and Europe, they continually strive to work in an eco-friendly manner. Steenbergs also incorporate many environmental features factories and use 'green' suppliers where possible.

Popsie Fish co. logo wild, sustainable fish

The Popsie Fish Company – a family-run business passed down three generations since 1987, the Popsie Fish Company are based in the Alaskan Village of Egegik on the Bristol Bay of the Bering sea. The business is named after co-founder Tony’s father, who his children called “Popsie.” The wild-caught Alaskan seafood is captured using eco-conscious methods, preserving the natural wilderness and fragile ecosystems. All produce is sustainably harvested with traceability.

Themptation Hemp Food Co. organic hemp foods

Themptation Organic Hemp Food Co. – Themptation founder Tom created the company to bring hemp to the forefront of British food culture. Hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plant grown specifically for industrial use. The company have expanded to include a variety of products from CBD chocolate to hemp hummus and pesto, all holding the many health benefits that hemp can offer. Hemp is full of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, amongst others. All Themptation goods are vegan and nut free, produced in small batches and certified organic by the Soil Association. Despite their universal approach, aiming to be suitable for all dietary requirements, ingredients are still organically sourced with 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

Trevibban Mill Logo organic vineyard uk

Trevibban Mill – Situated near picturesque Padstow in Cornwall, Trevibban Mill Vineyard & Orchards is a working vineyard, winery and events venue. With historical roots, the St. Issey Valley Trevibban Mill is thought to have been the home of a miller and his family back in the 18th century. Their aim is to work with nature, not against it, evidenced by over 11,000 vines and 1,700 apple trees in the beautiful gardens. The company produce four types of wine – two black and two white – along with a variety of ciders and juices.

Twelve Below Logo Organic tonic gin recipes

Twelve Below – the UK’s first genuinely naturally low sugar tonic, sweetened with a dash of organic agave, just 12 calories and 2.5g sugar per 100ml serving and 100% natural. Our range of great tasting flavours complement and enhance your spirit to deliver an elevated drinking experience. The range includes British fruit flavours inspired by our founder's garden in the Chiltern hills with a dash of natural agave for sweetness. We are aiming to shake up the tonic and soft drinks industry with products that truly deliver.

Violife Logo vegan dairy vegetarian groceries uk

Violife - Violife are a very happy bunch of foodies based in the beautiful surroundings of Thessalonica in Greece. They’ve been dedicated to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan non-dairy, non-GMO foods since the 90’s and are proud to be a favourite brand for so many Vegans, Vegetarians and Flexitarians around the world.



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