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Christmas Goes Green!

Christmas Goes Green!

Christmas is going green!

We are more than excited to be included in such an important article in The Telegraph. Our Christmas veg box is plastic-free and filled with a festive bumper crop of all the good stuff, all protected and kept fresh in sustainable packaging. 
Bubble up balsamic shredded red cabbage, roasted honey glazed parsnips, steamy sprouts, buttery mashed swede and the star of the show, crispy roast potatoes.

Read the article here.
Did you know, here in the UK we throw away 74 million mince pies, 5 million Christmas puddings and 2 million turkeys each year? Plus, if laid end to end, approximately 364,700 km of wrapping paper is used each year during the Christmas period. That’s enough paper to stretch around the equator nine times.
Keep waste in mind this Christmas. Try to recycle your wrapping paper and give gifts with little or no non-recyclable waste. You can make your own gifts to give like homemade garlic or chilli oil! And you can even use last week's newspaper as a waste-free wrap.
If we all bear waste in mind, our baby steps will help make Christmas joyful for all, forever.

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  • Anna Elliot