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Flip to Organic this Pancake Day

Flip to Organic this Pancake Day


Arguably one of the tastiest days of the year (don’t worry, Christmas, you’re always our favourite), Pancake Day is fast approaching. Traditionally the day to clear your store cupboard of luxury items like eggs, milk and flour before Lent fasting began, Shrove Tuesday is now eponymous with pancakes regardless of religious alignment.

But how does an organic Pancake Day stack up?

The Soil Association’s #FlipToOrganic campaign highlights the difference in going organic for each of the basic ingredients…

Milk and Buttermilk

Organic milk comes from happier, healthier, free-range and grass fed cows. Recent research has shown the way the animals are raised and their diet impacts the nutritional quality of their milk. Our organic Jersey herd enjoy a free roaming life on organic pasture in Somerset.


Organic chickens are not only free-range. Organic standards don’t just cover their shelter and the amount of space they have, but also the way they are treated, fed, transported and eventually slaughtered.


Organic flour is free from Glyphosate, one of three pesticides regularly found in routine testing of British bread. Organic farming makes use of natural methods to control pests and disease, therefore limiting chemical residue that reaches us in our food, whilst protecting our land and the environment.

Find out more about the #FlipToOrganic campaign here.

We’ll be cooking up our favourite Buttermilk Pancake Stack and Buttermilk Crepes.

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  • Anna Elliot