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Get to know - Seed and Bean

Get to know - Seed and Bean

Organic Chocolate

Here at the farm we were delighted to become stockists of Seed and Bean's scrummy organic chocolate. We love being able to have delicious meat and vegetables, however as the business grows we get the chance to to try a wide range of organic products. When the Seed and Bean delights landed on our doorstep we couldn't say no, not only is it luscious chocolate but it is also giving you the vital organic nutrients your body thrives on... makes it a winner in our eyes!

So who are Seed and Bean? Well they are a relatively small company - something they intend on keeping, this is due to keeping the standard and quality of the chocolate high. They source their products ethically from premium organic cocoa growers and hand make the bars here in England. The flavours are what we truly admire, they are brave with their combinations, adding ingredients you wouldn't normally consider...but they work!

Our personal favourite would be up for debate, as everyone loved different ones, but overall it'd be a tie between their local Cornish sea salt and lime dark chocolate and their white chocolate infused with vanilla and raspberry. We hope you appreciate these yummy flavours as much as we did, please share with us on social media your favourites, it's always fun finding out our customer favourites and being able to easily communicate with you all!

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