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New Organic Pâtés - Made in Devon!

New Organic Pâtés - Made in Devon!

Enjoy luxuriously smooth pâte

...from pâté perfectionist, Thomas Pyman.

Made just down the road, these incredibly moreish organic pâtés are made from the finest organic chicken livers and carefully selected flavours.

For something sweeter try Tom's Chicken Liver Pâté with Brandy and Cranberries.

Try a classic, earthy variation of Chicken Liver Pâté with Chestnut Mushrooms.

Organic Pyman's Chestnut Mushroom Pate

Veggies? As if we'd forget you...

Pâté certainly is not just for the meat eaters among us, at least not now Pyman's have had their say!

Slather this deeply savoury spread made from earth organic chestnut mushrooms on toast or crostini for a delicious snack or canapé.

A splash of brandy in there is not lost on us!

Organic pates and rilettes - organic meat delivery

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