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Lambing: Week One

Lambing: Week One

Lambing: Week One

First steps, surprise twins and field days.

Well, hasn’t it been a week! Our farmyard had been a hive of activity, throughout the day and night, our springtime lambs certainly don’t mind appearing in the wee hours! Having started lambing just before Easter, around half our Poll Dorset and North Country Mule ewes have lambed. That’s enough to keep Julian and Jess, our firecracker farmers busy – from assisting first time ewes, showing newborn lambs the ropes for their first meals, to turning them out into the fields (and everything in between!)   Organic Lamb - Spring lamb
Our very first Easter lamb, Polly, unsurprisingly she’s one of our Poll Dorset clan.   Organic lamb - Spring Lamb
Our first two days’ lambs’ first steps out onto Lodge Field, behind our farmhouse.  

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