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Agroecological Farming

At Eversfield Organic, we believe regenerative farming is the way forward. With two thirds of the world’s (non-icy) land dominated by farming, it’s unsurprising that global food production is responsible for up to one third of universal greenhouse gasses.

This is why we strive to make a difference to the industry we are so passionate about.

sustainable food system
Our System
Organic Farm

Agroecological farming aims to aid the continued progression and productivity of our farming output, without bringing in external resources.

At Eversfield Organic, we use natural livestock manure to organically fertilise our soils, avoiding the use of man-made, artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. The use of organic fertiliser ensures all the good stuff from the soils is transferred to our grass-fed cattle and hence onto your plate in the form of a steak (or your preferred cut!). It  also helps to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere in what is known as carbon sequestration.

Any waste in the form of unusable produce, such as organic fruit and vegetables from our Market Garden, is added to our compost heap. Simply put, the purpose of composting is to return nutrients to the soil and improve its structure for planting. Nutrient-rich Earth produces the tastiest, healthiest greens possible.

Using our waste as compost ensures nothing from outside the farm aids its productivity. This is a key cog in our closed loop system and just one of our agroecological farming practices.

How It Helps

As we mentioned before, all the cattle on our farm are 100% grass-fed and finished, certified by the PFLA. Allowing livestock to graze the land for at least 200 days of the year supports soil health and carbon sequestration, in which healthy earth can draw CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Additionally, manure produced on the farm ensures soil fertility for other crops, including delicious ethically produced food such as organic fruit and vegetables from our Market Garden.

By choosing to purchase organic meat boxes and organic fruit and veg boxes, you’ll not only be preserving the environment but improving your health too.

Farms using regenerative methods produce organic ethical meat with higher levels of essential fatty acids, and less saturated fats, helping you to eat better meat. Plus organic fruit and vegetables that have a whole host of essential minerals and vitamins! This organic food provides you and your family with nutrients from the soil passed on by the organic produce you’re eating, from field to fork.

Organic Soil

Our closed loop system, along with Soil Association certified organic status, 100% grass-fed ethos, ethical butchery and packaging recycling scheme are just a few of the ways we're safeguarding food for the future. Join Eversfield Organic and contribute to developing sustainable agriculture and supporting the needs of the environment.

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