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Closed Loop Sustainability

We take great care ensuring all areas of our business do their bit to contribute to our sustainable mission. Read on to discover how we're minimising waste and showing solidarity with our planet.

sustainable food system
The Process
Organic Farm

We use the term closed loop sustainability to refer to our process of recycling, reusing and therefore reducing waste.

The process begins right here on our family farm. Imagine you're in our Market Garden, helping chief gardener Kelvin pick some fresh seasonal produce. These goodies are plucked from our organic soil daily and sent on one of our vans to one of our local farm shops, organic inns, or delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Our farm shops and inns will then sell this produce or utilise it in delicious dishes. The items they don't sell are then delivered to our Home Farm Kitchen via our vans where they are transformed into a range of organic delicacies before being sent back to the aforementioned locations. 

All produce is quality checked at every step and everything that is unusable or not sold will make the short trip back to our farm. This is where it completes its closed loop journey, joining Kelvin's compost heap and eventually ending up as soil for our Market Garden. 

Using our waste as compost ensures nothing from outside the farm aids its productivity. This is a key cog in our closed loop system and also helps nurture the tastiest produce you're likely to find. It's a win-win!

Where You Come In

Your choice to purchase organic meat and vegetable boxes from Eversfield Organic helps support our closed loop sustainability system. 

This directly contributes to reducing food waste, lowering our carbon footprint and enhancing the health of our soil. 

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Organic Soil

Our closed loop system, along with Soil Association certified organic status, 100% grass-fed ethos, ethical butchery and packaging recycling scheme are just a few of the ways we're safeguarding food for the future. Join Eversfield Organic and contribute to developing sustainable agriculture and supporting the needs of the environment.

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