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Market Garden

Our Market Garden is alive and thriving

This project was launched in the summer of 2020 to compliment our closed loop sustainability ethos on our organic farm and provide the freshest organic vegetables to our farm shops and restaurants.


Eversfield Organic Market Garden


We normally say, 'good food takes time', but that was not the case with the first leaf crops and radishes sown in early June. They were ready to harvest in a matter of weeks. Freshly picked in the morning and sent straight to our farm shops in Tavistock and Totnes for sale the very same day. You’ll be hard pushed to find lower food miles without growing your own!


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Cultivating the tastiest ingredients, we started with 8 different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, French beans, petit pois, sugar snap peas and an assortment of mints to garnish our soon to be famous cocktails. Our gardeners will be continually expanding our variety of vegetables and fresh herbs.

The intention is nothing from outside the farm aids the productivity on the farm. Be this nourishment for our herd (they only graze on our grass) to fertiliser for our market garden (we feed our plants with naturally occurring nutrients, such as ‘nettle tea’,) making use of what the land provides us. Our herd is fed on our luscious grass, wildflowers and hay all year round, and our vegetables are grown in organic soil and nutrient rich compost.

You can read more about composting in our blog with our Market Gardener, Laura Spring.


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As a business we choose our packaging materials carefully, much of our packaging is compostable such as our fruit and mushroom trays. If it isn’t compostable it is returnable, reusable or recyclable, helping to reduce our waste in landfill.

Wherever possible we will recycle all waste that is produced by the market garden. We have set up a small recycling unit near the potting shed which helps us to separate out the following:

Green waste – to be used in the production of our own compost.

Cardboard – will be shredded and again used to add carbon to our compost heap.

Plastic and polythene – compacted and baled and used to create retaining walls for raised beds.

General waste – everything else will be disposed of through our approved waste contractor.


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