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Best Independent Retailer

Best Independent Retailer

 Best Independant Retailer

We have been announced as runner-up for Best Independent Retailer in the Observer Food Monthly Awards! This is a really prestigious set of awards, run by the Guardian, and has placed us amongst some of the best known and most exciting new names in food.


As you may know, we are proud of what we do, so it really means a lot that people have gone out of their way to vote for us! By choosing organic, you are choosing better food. Food that has been grown with a conscientious wish to preserve and improve the natural environment in which it was farmed. Food that looks after the animals on our farms as much as those people who are able to enjoy the produce we offer. Food that’s better for us, and better for our world. Who knows, maybe next time we’ll be the Best Independent Retailer out there!

You can find out more about the awards here.

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