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While many of us dig our heels in at the mention of Christmas, there are those of us looking forward to the transatlantic festivities kicking off at Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated by our American and Canadian friends. It is a celebration of the year’s harvest and that (of course) involves a lot of homecooked food! Traditionally, a roast turkey with all the trimmings, sweet potatoes (when yams are unavailable) and for pudding, a pumpkin spice pie. We can't wait to sit down with family and friends and celebrate this year’s plentiful bounty. With a table full of organic foods, ready for the feast, what could be better?

Our organic Bronze turkeys are from the wonderful Mike and Christine Malseed who started their tenancy at their Devon farm 30 years ago. The Malseeds kept a clutch of Christmas turkeys to help support the growing farm and these proved so popular they are now an important part of the family business. Their Bronze turkeys are a clever bunch, so Mike and Christine keep them busy with toys to play with as well as swathes of Dartmoor National Park pasture to stretch their legs. They even drink Dartmoor spring water.

Due to the season, all our Thanksgiving turkeys are frozen, so they will arrive on the defrost.

After your hearty organic roast, settle down with a slice of homemade butternut spice pie topped with Ivy House’s organic clotted cream. You can follow our recipe!

Order before 10 am on Tuesday 13th for you very own Eversfield Organic Thanksgiving meal. Don't forget that succulent organic turkey!

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