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Selfridges Foodhall London

Selfridges Foodhall London

Eversfield Organic at Selfridges Foodhall, London

Eversfield Organic are extremely chuffed to announce our organic butchers counter opened on Monday 12th October in the high-end London department store Selfridges.

Our impressive selection of 100% organic, grass-fed meat fresh from our family farm in Devon is hand cut by traditionally trained butchers in front of your eyes in the store’s Foodhall. The organic nature of the meat ensures the highest possible nutritional quality, with grass-fed meat holding natural nutrients from the soil. At Eversfield Organic, we work to improve soil quality and animal welfare, avoiding the use of manmade fertilisers and unnecessary antibiotics.


Project Earth

This is just one of the reasons Selfridges chose us to partner with as part of their Project Earth campaign. Project Earth aims to achieve a more sustainable future through promoting organic and encouraging positive purchasing choices. On our partnership Selfridges are quoted:


“Eating better (organic) meat is the way forward, as mainstream meat production significantly contributes to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. That is why we’ve partnered with Eversfield Organic (find them in our Foodhall at Selfridges London), who sell organic and wild produce.”


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The Future of Food

We were also delighted when the department store featured us in their article ‘The Future of Food’, which appeared on the Selfridges website homepage. The article detailed the store’s stance on meat production and consumption, noting their Project Earth commitment: “by 2025 all meat and meat ingredients used across our business and in the products we sell will be from certified organic farms.” The Selfridges Group Chairman, Alannah Weston, added:


"Now more than ever we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart and a way of working which is regenerative for humans and nature. Achieving our ambitions won’t be easy, but we are in a unique position to be able to work with our team members, partners and customers to co-create change and explore possibilities for a sustainable future."


We think this is a brilliant outlook on sustainability for the future, making our partnership with Selfridges a no-brainer. Both Selfridges and Eversfield Organic are working together to encourage transparency and transition to more sustainable agricultural and production methods. Our Sales and Marketing Director, Anna Elliot, adds:


“If we don’t look after our soil, we will struggle to feed our population. Improving our soil health is a really important way to combat climate change – an easy way to do this is to choose 100% pasture-fed organic meat.”


Small Changes, Big Difference

Making small and simple changes to way we shop and focusing on buying healthy and sustainable produce can make a big difference. Find our organic, 100% grass-fed meats in Selfridges Foodhall, London, from 10am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 11:30am-6pm Sundays. If you can’t make it to London there’s no need to worry – all our fresh, organic produce is available for food box deliveries nationwide, as well as in our Farm Shops in Tavistock and Totnes.

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