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Updates From The Market Garden

Updates From The Market Garden

Organic Tomatoes

Our organic tomatoes that were originally sown in early June and have now been potted. These are currently around 10 weeks behind the crop which is in the tunnel and the next stage for these tomatoes will be to plant out in the tunnel in mid-July. These will provide us with a later harvest in Autumn.

Organic Salad

The first of the leaf crops will be ready to commence harvesting from next week. These were originally sown in the first week of June using Soil Association Approved seed compost. This method enables us to sow crops weekly and will mean there is always a succession of crops available to replace the crops as they are harvested from the tunnels.

Waste Free

Wherever possible we will recycle all waste that is produced by the market garden. We have set up a small recycling unit near the potting shed which helps us to separate out the following:

Green waste – to be used in the production of our own compost.
Cardboard – will be shredded and again used to add carbon to our compost heap.
Plastic and polythene – compacted and baled and used to create retaining walls for raised beds.
General waste – everything else will be disposed of through our approved waste contractor.

What's next:


  • We are in the process of setting up the picking, packing and despatch shed. This will enable us to grade and package the crops ahead of making them available to you!
  • We are setting the composting area which will recycle left over produce, cardboard and green waste. This will be built up in layers and will also have manure from the fields added. The final product will be added to our beds to improve the organic matter and structure of the soil.
  • Outside the tunnels – This is a green area which backs on to our despatch shed. We will be laying ground cover fabric and will have a number of raised beds constructed for outdoor crops.
  • We will also be utilising the old metal drums to create a boundary to the outside area. These will be filled with the organic soil from the land and planted with various varieties of mint, including Strawberry Mint, Moroccan Mint, Spearmint and Black Peppermint. Available soon!

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  • Anna Elliot