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What is Mutton?

What is Mutton?

Organic Mutton

What is organic mutton?

Mutton seems to be a product that is not very well understood. If you asked the majority of people they'd most likely know it's a product from an organic sheep but not fully understand how it's different to organic lamb. 

So we thought you might like to know a few facts...

Well to start off, lamb is from a sheep under the age of 1. It's a pink to red colour, tender, and has a mild flavour. 

Mutton is from a sheep usually around the age of 2 but can be any age over 1 or under 3. It's deep red and has a greater covering of fat, with a stronger flavour.

If you're a fan of game then I'd advise that you try mutton as their stronger flavour can be fairly similar.

We recommend to slow cook the mutton and if you're a fan of spice, a mutton masala is always a winning dish. 

Organic Lamb & Mutton

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  • Anna Elliot