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Devon Organic Turkey, Norfolk Black

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Available for delivery from 19th December
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A delicious organic Norfolk Black Turkey. A succulent and flavoursome choice for your Christmas centrepiece, our organic heritage Norfolk Black Turkeys are fed a mixture of organic cereals and love to forage for themselves too. Completely free range, our Norfolk Blacks are closer to a wild bird, hung for two weeks to develop an outstanding, slightly more game-like taste and texture. 

Turkey Size Guide:

3.5kg-4.5kg - approx. servings 8

4.5kg-5.5kg - approx. servings 10

5.5kg-6.5kg - approx. servings 13

6.5kg-7.5kg - approx. servings 15

7.5kg-8.5kg - approx. servings 17

8.5kg-9.5kg - approx. servings 19

Organic and free-range Turkey.

Our heritage Norfolk Black turkeys are slow-grown and carefully reared on the Malseed family farm on lush Dartmoor pasture. The turkeys are reared using traditional farming methods and allowed to mature slowly over several months. They are fed on a healthy diet consisting of organic cereals and natural ingredients with no additives or growth promoters, then finished on local oats to provide an excellent taste and marbling. They even drink Dartmoor spring water! These organic turkeys are clever birds and need a lot of entertainment so are kept busy with toys to play with, as well as lots of pasture to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh Devonshire air.

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